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Why Detail Your Vehicle?
Sun, weather and pollution assault your vehicle’s paint surface on a daily basis. Interior leather and fabric wear and stains can make your vehicle look used … fast!

It’s a Fact:
A well-kept vehicle brings more at trade-in or resale! Not only is driving a good looking vehicle a thing to enjoy and be proud of, but a vehicle in better-than-average condition will bring hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars extra at trade-in or when privately sold. Proper car detailing is all about cleaning, correcting, and protecting your vehicle  against the elements using the safest methods possible in an extremely thorough manner. The best car detailing services are performed with great patience, clean tools, proper technique, quality products, and a dedication to perfection.Kip’s Auto Detailing is proud to offer the most thorough detailing services possible in northeast Kansas. Our unique car detailing techniques are designed to enhance the long term appearance of your new or used vehicle.

Car Wash and Detail Services For:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • SUV’s
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Semi tractors
  • Airplanes  
    and Many More…

Experience The Kip’s Difference!

  • Vehicle pick up and delivery
  • Thorough pre-inspection
  • Not Just A Car Wash!
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